Season long men’s 2 man team match play event.

Entry fee is $30 per player.

FORMAT: The format will be Double Elimination Individual Match Play. The player who wins the most holes in a stipulated 18 hole match will win each match. In case of a tie, the match will be played as sudden death playoff starting on hole #1.

RULES: U.S.G.A. rules for Match Play will govern all play with the exception of the local rules.

HANDICAPS: Club Handicaps will be at 100% as recommended by the U.S.G.A. for this format, but will be wheeled off the low handicap player of the two. (Example Player A has of 10 course handicap and Player B has a course handicap of 5. Then Player A get 5 strokes on the 5 toughest holes.) 

TEES: Tees will be assigned per course based upon flight.

Nicklaus Black\Blue Tees. Black Tees unless you are 50 – 69 years then the whole group will play the blue tees. Only players 70 years or older will play white tees.
Player: All players will play from the White Tees
Trevino: All players will play from the White Tees
Player Bracket
Trevino Bracket
Nicklaus Bracket


Lopez Bracket
Sorrenstam Bracket